The Blurb

Adam Henry Carrière's new novel MILES takes you on an unforgettable journey through the limbo of covert sex between teenagers to chronicle a way of life barely imagined by those outside its boundaries. Once its hero, Miles, is initiated into the steamily erotic, nearly psychotic, passions of gay connections, he thrusts himself compulsively into the arena of young love - and desire. He prowls the gilded balconies and shaded bathrooms, the flirtatious beaches and temptatious glens of the city in his feverish attempt to make meaning of his eruptive yearnings. And accompanying Miles on his journey, you will be well repaid in pure entertainment. However, Carrière also writes in symbols.  His players are natural forces, natural people (by harmony and contrast) and he is always questioning. He makes you recoil emotionally, but always in a manner that causes you ask yourself why you found it so disturbing. He makes you laugh, and you wonder why you found it humorous; he makes you hope for certain outcomes and you wonder why. He is, in short, continually asking you questions.  And without apology or sentimentality MILES is his sprawling, brawling, dynamic, hilarious answer.  If you think that only one thing can happen between gay teenagers, shock - and delight - awaits you.

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